Aerial Video Footage of Frontier Agriculture

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Out in the Kent countryside, near the village of Wingham, you will find Frontier Agriculture.  I have often seen this animal feed processing plant on the horizon on my way through Wingham, towards Sandwich and Thanet.

From the distance this agriculture processing factory looked like the ideal place to get some drone footage that shows those impressive large metal silos.  I was hoping to get some great bird-eye view photos of the silos for my Instagram account.

However, with a flock of pigeons flying around the area, I decided that getting some drone stock video footage from around the perimeter would be safer to avoid a bird strike and loss the drone in the factory grounds.

Only when the pigeons had dispersed did I venture over the silo’s and swiftly grabbed the photos I was hoping to get.  But as I was in a rush before the pigeons returned, the photos I managed to get were not what I was hoping for.

Maybe I’ll try again one day.

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