Drones Deep – A UK Based Drone Pilot

Drones DeepI have been flying drones since 2012.  I have gained many hours of drone flying ever since then.  I live in the South East of England and have a full drivers licence.  I am happy to travel to locations with my drone, which is currently a DJI Mini 2 4K.

Some of my work has been used by local media such as the Kent Online article about the Saxon Fields housing development in Canterbury, Kent

Drone Video and Photography Services

Drones Deep ServicesI offer a wide range of drone services.  I am happy use my drone for capturing b-roll footage for your video projects, or simply take photos of your house.  I can also help to carry out building or ground surveys with drone video footage or photos.

The only limitations I have is making sure that I am not flying my DJI Mini 2 in restricted airspace or an any other location that could endanger life.

I am also able to provide you with custom aerial drone stock video footage if you require it.  Again, just like any other drone pilot, I would need to carry out a risk assessment before taking on such work.

I am now able to provide stock drone footage too.  I am uploading more and more 4K stock drone videos for you to download and use.  Here are some free samples of 4K wave videos available to download for free.

I also have over 10 years of video editing experience, so I am more than capable of editing and exporting the drone video footage for you.

Drones Deep Blog and Social Media

Drones Deep Social MediaI am very active on social media.  You are able to see my drone photo and videos across various social media platforms.

My preferred social media platform is Instagram. I do my best to add new photos and drone stories to the Drones Deep Instagram account every week.  I am always happy to collaborate with any social media account for extras social media exposure.

I also often write a blog piece about my droning experiences and offer any drone guides for any new drone pilot.

My Drones Deep Youtube channel is also available to view some of the drone videography that I have carried out over the last 12 months or so.

Drones Deep Contact Details

Contact Drones DeepYou are able to contact me using the email address contact@dronesdeep.com – I do my best to reply to you with 24 hours.   I am also happy to receive contact via my Drones Deep Instagram account.  I do check my Instagram page a few times a day, so I will see your message if you decide to contact me there.

Drones Deep Shop

The Drones Deep Etsy shop is where you are able to purchase high photo prints of some of the aerial photos I have taken since 2021.

There are photos of Kent landmarks as well as other places of interest from the UK.  This aerial photography online shop will increase in size over the next 6 months.

There will be more aerial views of Kent and UK being added on a regular basis in the very near future.