Download Stock Drone Videos of Southeastern Trains

Stock video footage of Southeastern trains passing over a viaduct in Canterbury, Kent.  These 4K video clips were taken using a 4K drone camera.


Drone footage from Hambrook Marshes railway viaduct taken on October 8th, 2021.  It shows a section of railway that crossed a brick build viaduct that crosses the Great Stour river.

These 4K drone videos show Southeastern trains arriving and departing the Canterbury East train station.  This type of drone stock video would be good to use in any travel documentary or information about Canterbury.

There is no audio with these aerial shots of Southeastern trains passing over a viaduct in Canterbury, Kent.

St. Lawrence Cricket Kent Photo by Drone

I worked at the St. Lawrence cricket ground in the 90’s.  I was fortunate enough to work under Brian Luckhurst in the Ames-Levett sports centre.  So the St. Lawrence cricket ground has always been on my drone photography bucket list.

Kent Cricket Club

However, there is a geo-fence surrounding the St. Lawrence cricket ground, the home of Kent Cricket Club.  This means that I cannot get very close to the ground before the DJI Fly app warns me that I am flying near to restricted air space.

I can only presume that the St. Lawrence geo-fence is in place to stop stop drones flying over during the times that there is cricket being played at the ground.  SkySports could be filming the game using their live T.V. broadcasting drones, so the restriction could be in place to protect the SkySports drones.

However during my time filming the Canterbury secondary schools, I was able to get this photos when flying around the Simon Langton for Boys school.  This photo is heavily cropped and zoomed into the St Lawrence cricket ground. I have also added the Instagram tilt-shift effect and vignette to help the eye focus in on the cricket ground.

I was really happy to see that the official Kent Cricket Instagram account liked and left me a comment on this Drones Deep photo.

I would really like to be given the chance to spend the day taking drone photos of the Kent Cricket Ground one day.  Maybe I just need to ask permission?

Barham in Kent as Seen by Drone

This is the village of Barham in Kent as seen by drone.  I have captured photos and videos of Barham a few times over the last 7 years with various drones.  But this is the first time that I was able to record it in 4K.

In the past, I have captured some great images of the John the Baptist church.  It towers over the village of Barham from its position at the top of The Street hill.  With its eye catching green steeple it can be seen from the A2 that stretches from Canterbury to Dover.

To create this drone video of Barham I first parked outside the church and got some video footage from various angles over the top of the church.  From this position I was also able to get some wider angle shots, of as much of the village as I could fit into the frame.

St John the Baptist ChurchNot satisfied with the footage at that point, I then got back into my car and found a green field outside the Duke of Cumberland pub.  This position gave me a better vantage point to gather more video of the village of Barham.

I was able to fly high over Valley Road which is the main road that runs through Barham towards Elham.

You can find some of my aerial photos of Barham on my DronesDeep Instagram account.

Drone Photography Pilot in Kent Ready to Hire

Drone Pilot to hire

Armed with the very reliable, stable and versatile DJI Mini 2 drone, I am available to hire for drone photography and video work.  I have been flying drones for 8 years and I have gained many valuable hours flying time.

Drone Pilot to Hire

With the DJI Mini 2 I am able to fly over residential areas and take high resolution photos and stable 4K video footage.  I am also a very experienced video editor using Adobe Premiere Pro with numerous years of experience using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom too.

I am based in Kent and I have a full drivers licence so I am able to travel to your location.

If you are looking to hire a drone pilot to take some aerial photos or videos for any projects whether it’s for b-roll, investigational work or any other type of aerial photography or video, please feel free to email me

You are able to see some of my edited aerial videos at the DronesDeep YouTube channel and see my aerial photography on the DronesDeep Instagram account.

Making a Drone Video Over Sutton Valence

Aerial Photo of Sutton Valence

As a child I spent a lot of time in the village of Sutton Valence, just outside Maidstone. My nan lived in a cul-de-sac called South Bank.  I had intended to make a drone video over Sutton Valence for quite a while, but the weather and time constraints have often stopped me in the past.

Aerial Photo of Sutton Valence

After looking at the weather forecast, I decided to make the 40 minute drive from Aylesham to Sutton Valence to finally get some aerial footage of this picturesque village in Kent.  I have taken some drone footage of the Sutton Valence Castle before with my DJI Mavic Mini 1, but this was the first time I had visited the village armed with my 4K enabled DJI Mini 2.

After I had parked the car in South Bank, Sutton Valence, I began to scout around looking for a suitable location to launch the drone from and maintain VLOS.  Sutton Valence felt a lot more congested that I remembered.  I struggled to find a take off location that would enable me to drone as much of the village as possible, but also to keep VLOS at all times.

Finally, I made the decision to take off from a small green.  I was surrounded by small trees and a few over head telephone wires, but with little wind and clear VLOS I was confident that I would be able to take off and land without getting into any bother.

Once the drone was in the air, I was able to fly the full length of Sutton Valence. As I was located in the middle of the village, I was able to go from one end of the village to the other without loosing sight of the Mini 2 as it flow effortlessly over the Kentish village.

I knew that a simple fly over would not give me enough video footage to create a drone video of Sutton Valance.  So I needed to find another suitable location to be able to get some other interesting angles with the drone.  I already had some experience flying over the Sutton Valence Castle, so I made my way to the 770 year old structure.

In the back of my mind I had planned to use the castle as the opening shot of a Sutton Valence YouTube video. I planned to take off from inside the castle and reveal the village from behind.  After 3-4 attempts I finally got the shot that I was after.  Slightly nervous about the trees beyond, I was still able to take from inside the castle a few yards away from the internal walls and get a great angle of the village of Sutton Valence as the drone moved away from the castle.

I have uploaded a print of the village of Sutton Valence on my Etsy shop page.  You can purchase prints of some of my drone photography from the Drones Deep Etsy Shop.

Flying a DJI Mini 2 Over Chartham, Kent

One of the things I find myself doing more often since becoming more interested in flying a Mini 2 is looking at the weather forecast.  I have found that I am able to spend one a day a week out and about with the Mini 2 so I need to know what day during the week is the best to fly.  Any day with a forecast that shows a sunny day with no or light winds is the perfect day for me.

As soon as I saw that Friday 26th February had the perfect forecast, I planned to spend the whole day getting as mush aerial footage of the Kent village of Chartham as I could.  This meant that I was going to need to use my new in-car charger to charge the DJI Mini 2 batteries.  I find that with just 3 batteries, I only get approximately 60-80 minute real flight time.  I am very cautious with my battery levels and tend to land safely when they get down to 30%.

Recently I have decided to create city/village showreels for my DronesDeep YouTube channel.  So being able to get as mush footage as I can is very important.  Even though I could get over an hour of footage, I might still only end up with 2-3 minutes of usable footage that would be suitable for a YouTube video.  So armed with 3 fully charged batteries, and an in-car charger I set off to Chartham, near Canterbury for the day.

I have used a drone in Chartham before, and I know 3-4 locations that I wanted to film.  Chartham has plenty of open spaces and interesting vantage points that would be ideal to capture aerial from.  I planned to capture both residential and countryside areas of Chartham to give my YouTube video a variety of shots to choose from.

After a full morning of flying the Mini 2 around some for the Chartham countryside, it was time to recharge some batteries ready for the afternoon.  I knew that this would take at least an hour.  So whilst the batteries recharged in the car, I used this time to grab some lunch and…use the facilities.

St Marys Church, Charham
An aerial photo of St. Mary’s Church, Chartham. Taken with DJI Mini 2 drone.

I was relieved to find that the batteries did only take an hour or so to recharge.  I was worried that they would take twice as long being charged in the car.  So I was out and about once again with two fully charged batteries and a great looking church to fly over.  I was hoping to be able to get some aerial footage of the Chartham Downs with the sunset to use as my final shot for the YouTube video, but circumstances changed and I have to dash home unexpectedly.  I was able to return, but I was approximately 20 minutes too late to capture the sunset falling over the Kent village of Chartham.

Capturing the Kent Village of Aylesham in the Snow

So February 2021 saw the South East Kent get a covering of snow. We don’t get snow very often in this part of the UK so when it snow’s I get very excited about it. I remember the previous time it snowed in Aylesham. I still had my Phantom Vision 2+ drone and it was still able to fly. I have some footage of Aylesham in the snow from February 2018.

Getting aerial video and photos of Aylesham in the snow

Let’s crack onto February 2021 and we find that Aylesham has had its heaviest covering of snow in three years. Now armed with a DJI Mini 2 and little restrictions on where I can fly, I was very excited to have the chance of getting some great aerial videos and photos of Aylesham in the snow. It would be a great opportunity to document the expanding Kent village in the snow.

I was a little nervous about flying the Mini 2 in the cold weather. With the bitterly cold wind dubbed ‘The Beast from the East 2’, the temperatures in this part of Kent were barely reaching above freezing. I had read on numerous drone Facebook groups that flying in temperatures of below freezing can lead to ice building up on the rotor blades and causing the drone to crash.

However, after also noticing that other Mini 2 owners have been out and about taking aerial photos and videos of the snow in Kent, I was curious to find out if they had encountered any issues when flying in sub-zero temperatures. I posted on the South East UAV Facebook Group, asking if anybody had actually faced any difficulties whilst flying in the bitterly cold conditions. I was reassured when all the comments I received back were reporting no problems at all whilst taking aerial photos and videos of Kent in the snow.

I finally made my mind up to take my DJI Mini 2 out into the snow to capture Aylesham in the snow. My plan was to walk around the village and take as many photos and record as much video as I could from different parts of the village and create one video and upload it to my DronesDeep Youtube channel as soon as possible. I wanted to upload the video while the snow was still on the ground to maximise the impact and generate as many views as possible.


Gathering all the video footage that I wanted for this Aylesham video took me the whole day. I left the house at approximately 10.30am, and returned at 13.00 to recharge the batteries and warm up my toes that had gone numb after walking around in the snow for nearly 3 hours. As soon as another battery was fully charged I went straight back out again to get the last few shots that I wanted.

When I uploaded the the Aylesham in the snow video to YouTube, I also shared the link with the Aylesham Facebook group and was very happy with the reception it received. At the last count, this snowy Aylesham video had received 984 views, which is/was by far my most viewed video on my DronesDeep Youtube channel.

While I was out and about in the snow, I was also able to take a couple of over head photos of Eteknix preparing to record a YouTube video where Andy builds a P.C. outside in the snow.