Stock Footage of Canterbury Cathedral and Riverside Student Quarter

On 15th October, 2021, I stood in the empty Kingsmead coach park in Canterbury and took some 4K drone shots of the Canterbury Cathedral and the Riverside Student Quarter construction site.

Download these stock video clips of Canterbury Cathedral and Riverside Student Quarter.  Canterbury Cathedral Videos || Riverside Student Quarter 

Ever since I bought my very 1st drone I have always wanted to get that perfect shot of the Canterbury Cathedral World heritage site.  With my previous drones, it was not legal for me to be able to fly over buildings so getting close to the Cathedral in the city centre was not permitted.  But now with the Mini 2 it is possible to get much closer than before.

The only problem now it finding somewhere legal to take off and land from to get that perfect photo of the majestic and iconic religious building in the heart of Canterbury.  Once I had gathered some 4K aerial stock footage of the Cathedral, I turned my attention to the Riverside Student Quarter construction site.  I think that there might be some interest in the future for seeing this new student housing and leisure facility in Canterbury being built.

Download Stock Drone Videos of Southeastern Trains

Stock video footage of Southeastern trains passing over a viaduct in Canterbury, Kent.  These 4K video clips were taken using a 4K drone camera.


Drone footage from Hambrook Marshes railway viaduct taken on October 8th, 2021.  It shows a section of railway that crossed a brick build viaduct that crosses the Great Stour river.

These 4K drone videos show Southeastern trains arriving and departing the Canterbury East train station.  This type of drone stock video would be good to use in any travel documentary or information about Canterbury.

There is no audio with these aerial shots of Southeastern trains passing over a viaduct in Canterbury, Kent.

Aerial Photos of Saxon Fields Housing Development in Canterbury

I was contacted by the local newspaper who want to use some of the drone photos that I took of Saxon Fields housing development in Canterbury.  They said that they would be happy to credit me in the article.  I asked them if they could credit my Instagram account rather than using my real name.  I’m was hoping that now that the news article is published, I will gain some more drone instagram followers.

Saxon Fields Canterbury Housing

The photos they used were taken using a DJI Mini 2 on a blustery August afternoon.  I drive past this new housing development on a daily basis and have been meaning to take some photos of the building work for quite a while.

It’s great to see my photos being used by the local newspaper.  My only disappointment is that they have not actually created a clickable link to my DronesDeep Instagram account.  They have simple added “Picture: dronesdeep, Instagram”.  I suppose that is better than nothing I suppose.

I did offer to supply them with additional video footage that I took at the same time, but so far they have not taken me up on the offer.  I’ll be revisiting this housing development from time to time to record the progress of the Saxon Fields Housing Development in Canterbury.

St. Lawrence Cricket Kent Photo by Drone

I worked at the St. Lawrence cricket ground in the 90’s.  I was fortunate enough to work under Brian Luckhurst in the Ames-Levett sports centre.  So the St. Lawrence cricket ground has always been on my drone photography bucket list.

Kent Cricket Club

However, there is a geo-fence surrounding the St. Lawrence cricket ground, the home of Kent Cricket Club.  This means that I cannot get very close to the ground before the DJI Fly app warns me that I am flying near to restricted air space.

I can only presume that the St. Lawrence geo-fence is in place to stop stop drones flying over during the times that there is cricket being played at the ground.  SkySports could be filming the game using their live T.V. broadcasting drones, so the restriction could be in place to protect the SkySports drones.

However during my time filming the Canterbury secondary schools, I was able to get this photos when flying around the Simon Langton for Boys school.  This photo is heavily cropped and zoomed into the St Lawrence cricket ground. I have also added the Instagram tilt-shift effect and vignette to help the eye focus in on the cricket ground.

I was really happy to see that the official Kent Cricket Instagram account liked and left me a comment on this Drones Deep photo.

I would really like to be given the chance to spend the day taking drone photos of the Kent Cricket Ground one day.  Maybe I just need to ask permission?

Spotting a New Housing Development in Littlebourne

New houses being built in Littlebourne

It’s amazing what you can see when flying a drone.  Spotting a new housing development in Littlebourne took me by a little surprise.  As I made my usual reveal ascent, I suddenly caught a view of new a new housing estate being build in the middle of the village of Littlebourne in Kent.

To be honest, I shouldn’t of been that surprised.  It seemed that any spare piece of land in the Canterbury area is being used to build new houses on at the moment.  As soon as the land becomes available, housing developers are building houses on it straight away.

Apart from capturing some aerial video of the new builds in Littlebourne, I was also able to have a bit of fun and using the Littlebourne Cricket club wicket as an aerial photo opportunity. I took the DJI Mini 2 up to the maximum flying height of 400 feet and took a birds eyes view of the entire cricket pitch.  I was really happy with the result and I immediately put it onto my Drones Deep instagram account.

Littlebourne Cricket Club

The disappointing aspect about this drone flight around Littlebourne was that I did not get my usual aerial video and photos of the village church.  Every time I visit a Kent village, I really look forward to grabbing some video and photos f the local church.  I think I was too interested in the cricket pitch to remember looking for the Littlebourne village church!

Hambrook Marshes Willow Beds in Canterbury

I received a message via my Drones Deep Facebook page from a guy who asked if I would be able to take some aerial photos of some willow beds on Hambrook Marshes in Canterbury.  Hambrook Marshes is located in Canterbury in Kent.  Hambrook Marshes have become a popular location for walkers and joggers using the Great Stour Walk that runs from Canterbury to Canterbury.

The willow beds are located at the Thanington end of the marshes and has a small footpath running passed.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what willow beds were.  It was explained to me that they are grown and harvested to make craft and weaved baskets with.

I was more than happy to provide some aerial photos which would help to see how much willow has been growing and developing.  It also gave me that chance to make a new YouTube video and take more photos of the Hambrook Marshes.

The part of Hambrook Marshes that I was going to be filming with my DJI Mini 2 was in between the A2 the Canterbury East railway tracks.  So being a responsible drone pilot, I was not going to be flying over the A2 dual carriage way or the main Canterbury East train tracks.  There was still plenty of great scenery to film with a drone.

Hambrook Marshe Maze
Hambrook Marshes Maze from Drones Deep Instagram page

I have developed a love for filming with the camera shooting straight down.  This gives the perfect birds eye view.  I found a small stream that I enjoyed filming in the birds eye view mode.  It gives me the perfect opportunity to practise precise flying.  Keeping the drone flying slowly, and not having to keep making direction adjustments was a lot of fun whilst flying over the stream.

Also, in the middle of the Hambrook Marshes was a willow maze, actually made using the willow plants that I had photographed.  It made a great object to take some birds eye view photos and videos of it.

I hovered the drone a few feet above the maze than flow it straight up.  I was very happy withe the final photo and video clip.Once I got home I sent the photos and video clips to the willow bed keeper who was very happy with the final results.