Barham in Kent as Seen by Drone

This is the village of Barham in Kent as seen by drone.  I have captured photos and videos of Barham a few times over the last 7 years with various drones.  But this is the first time that I was able to record it in 4K.

In the past, I have captured some great images of the John the Baptist church.  It towers over the village of Barham from its position at the top of The Street hill.  With its eye catching green steeple it can be seen from the A2 that stretches from Canterbury to Dover.

To create this drone video of Barham I first parked outside the church and got some video footage from various angles over the top of the church.  From this position I was also able to get some wider angle shots, of as much of the village as I could fit into the frame.

St John the Baptist ChurchNot satisfied with the footage at that point, I then got back into my car and found a green field outside the Duke of Cumberland pub.  This position gave me a better vantage point to gather more video of the village of Barham.

I was able to fly high over Valley Road which is the main road that runs through Barham towards Elham.

You can find some of my aerial photos of Barham on my DronesDeep Instagram account.