Alternative Drone HashTags for Instagram

If you are struggling to get likes in Instagram to your  drone photos, using conventional hashtags, then maybe it’s worth trying these alternative drone hashtags.

Drone Hashtags

I have had relative success getting my aerial photos liked on Instagram using drone hashtags that do not have a huge amount of daily use.  Maybe you will have better success using this list for your drone Instagram account.

#rotorblades #dronepower #droneinthesky #droneinterest #interestingdrones #mydrone #dronehobby #droneuser #droneman #droneperson #droneoutdoors #droneme #dronededication #dronesdeep #dronebeginner #droneexpert #dronefingers

Good luck using these hashtags from drone photos.  I know how difficult it is these days to gather a good enough following on Instagram.  Here’s my DronesDeep account

I do my best to follow you back if you are a drone Instagrammer.

Drone Instagram Accounts To Follow

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As somebody who really enjoys posting drone photos on Instagram on a regular basis, I wanted to create a drone specific blog post listing some of my favourite drone Instagram accounts.  I am also going to list the drone hashtags that I follow to.  Following drone hashtags has helped me to discover other great drone instagram accounts over the last few years.

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Drone Instagram accounts to follow:

DronesDeep (me obviously)

Drone Photography Bible

Photo Wave

Warwickshire Drone


Fly with Fabi

Drone hashtags to follow to discover other fantastic drone instagram accounts






I hope you find this drone related Instagram blog post useful.  Please feel free to message me on Instagram if you would like to be added to this list.

St. Lawrence Cricket Kent Photo by Drone

I worked at the St. Lawrence cricket ground in the 90’s.  I was fortunate enough to work under Brian Luckhurst in the Ames-Levett sports centre.  So the St. Lawrence cricket ground has always been on my drone photography bucket list.

Kent Cricket Club

However, there is a geo-fence surrounding the St. Lawrence cricket ground, the home of Kent Cricket Club.  This means that I cannot get very close to the ground before the DJI Fly app warns me that I am flying near to restricted air space.

I can only presume that the St. Lawrence geo-fence is in place to stop stop drones flying over during the times that there is cricket being played at the ground.  SkySports could be filming the game using their live T.V. broadcasting drones, so the restriction could be in place to protect the SkySports drones.

However during my time filming the Canterbury secondary schools, I was able to get this photos when flying around the Simon Langton for Boys school.  This photo is heavily cropped and zoomed into the St Lawrence cricket ground. I have also added the Instagram tilt-shift effect and vignette to help the eye focus in on the cricket ground.

I was really happy to see that the official Kent Cricket Instagram account liked and left me a comment on this Drones Deep photo.

I would really like to be given the chance to spend the day taking drone photos of the Kent Cricket Ground one day.  Maybe I just need to ask permission?

What Drone Hashtags to Use on Instagram?

I really enjoy posting drone photos on Instagram, and my follower count is slowly but sure starting to grow.  To get my drone photos noticed I have developed a list of drone hashtags to use.  I add relevant hashtags to my photos before adding drone specific tags afterwards.

I’m still not 100% sure how the Instagram algorithm works and I don’t think there is a fast way to generate thousands of Instagram followers over night.

I also find that posting on Instagram can be very frustrating at times.  I have posted what I believe is a ‘stonking’ good drone photo, only to find that it gets hardly any ‘likes’ at all.

Other times I posted an average looking aerial photo and it receives a pleasing amount of ‘like’ in a matter of hours.

So here are my drone specific Instagram hashtags when I post aerial photos to my Drones Deep Instagram account.

#dronephotos #droneoftheday #dronesofinstagram #dronesdeep #fromabove #dronesdaily #dronebios #dronegear #dronelife #aerialphotography #dronefly #droneshots #dronephoto