BlackBox Global Simple Hints and Tips

Slowly but surely, I have been making regular sales on BlackBox Global.  The platform to upload your stock footage videos too, in the hope of making some cash.

There are plenty of great pages on other web sites that I have seen, soI would like to contribute to that with my own BlackBox advice page.  My BlackBox hints and tips are primarily directed at drone stick video artists.

  1. Above all make sure your footage is stable.  There is little point in uploading clips of drone stock footage that shows your flight corrections.  Keep your clips traveling in one direction.
  2. Make sure your videos are exposed correctly.  I have seen some great looking location videos that are over exposed and I need sunglasses to view them.  I recommend capturing your footage slightly under-exposed to reduce the worry of over exposure.
  3. Make use of all the characters with giving your clips titles.  i.e. if you have a great drone clip of a church, don’t just title it “A Church”, give it a more descriptive title such as “A medieval church located in the countryside in 4K”.
  4. I would also recommend explaining the camera direction in the title too.  Such as ‘dolly forward’, ‘pan left or right’, etc etc.
  5. Another piece of time saving advice on BlackBox is when you export your video from you video editing software, keep the filename the same as the title of the clip.  This way you can copy and paste your file name into your title of the clip.
  6. Keep uploading.  I have nearly 1000 clips on my BlackBox account now.  I try and get drone footage of anything I can think of.  You never know what people are going to be searching for.

There you go, that is my small contribution to helping people generate a little bit of extra income using drone stock footage and BlackBox Global.  When I upload my clips, I take a quick look at them and ask myself, “Would I buy this clip?”

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