Abandoned Coal Mine Drone Stock Footage Download

This is new stock drone footage of the Snowdown abandoned coal mine in Kent.  If you are looking for stock videos of derelict or abandoned places, then this aerial footage of British a coal mine would be ideal.


This British coal mine was shut down in 1987 under the Thatcher regime. It is situated in a small Kent village of Snowdown near Aylesham.  In this Pond5 collection of drone shots there are some good examples of reveal shots.  Climbing from behind a tree line, the drone is piloted over the top to reveal the mine in a crane type camera shot.

There are also plenty of dolly forward, dolly back and tracking shots that make this collection of videos of Snowdown Colliery very appealing to anybody creating videos about climate change and how British coal mining declined during the 1980’s

These 4K aerial drone shots of a closed coal mine are taken using a DJI Mini 2.  The date of the flight was October 13th, 2021.

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Capturing the Kent Village of Aylesham in the Snow

So February 2021 saw the South East Kent get a covering of snow. We don’t get snow very often in this part of the UK so when it snow’s I get very excited about it. I remember the previous time it snowed in Aylesham. I still had my Phantom Vision 2+ drone and it was still able to fly. I have some footage of Aylesham in the snow from February 2018.

Getting aerial video and photos of Aylesham in the snow

Let’s crack onto February 2021 and we find that Aylesham has had its heaviest covering of snow in three years. Now armed with a DJI Mini 2 and little restrictions on where I can fly, I was very excited to have the chance of getting some great aerial videos and photos of Aylesham in the snow. It would be a great opportunity to document the expanding Kent village in the snow.

I was a little nervous about flying the Mini 2 in the cold weather. With the bitterly cold wind dubbed ‘The Beast from the East 2’, the temperatures in this part of Kent were barely reaching above freezing. I had read on numerous drone Facebook groups that flying in temperatures of below freezing can lead to ice building up on the rotor blades and causing the drone to crash.

However, after also noticing that other Mini 2 owners have been out and about taking aerial photos and videos of the snow in Kent, I was curious to find out if they had encountered any issues when flying in sub-zero temperatures. I posted on the South East UAV Facebook Group, asking if anybody had actually faced any difficulties whilst flying in the bitterly cold conditions. I was reassured when all the comments I received back were reporting no problems at all whilst taking aerial photos and videos of Kent in the snow.

I finally made my mind up to take my DJI Mini 2 out into the snow to capture Aylesham in the snow. My plan was to walk around the village and take as many photos and record as much video as I could from different parts of the village and create one video and upload it to my DronesDeep Youtube channel as soon as possible. I wanted to upload the video while the snow was still on the ground to maximise the impact and generate as many views as possible.


Gathering all the video footage that I wanted for this Aylesham video took me the whole day. I left the house at approximately 10.30am, and returned at 13.00 to recharge the batteries and warm up my toes that had gone numb after walking around in the snow for nearly 3 hours. As soon as another battery was fully charged I went straight back out again to get the last few shots that I wanted.

When I uploaded the the Aylesham in the snow video to YouTube, I also shared the link with the Aylesham Facebook group and was very happy with the reception it received. At the last count, this snowy Aylesham video had received 984 views, which is/was by far my most viewed video on my DronesDeep Youtube channel.

While I was out and about in the snow, I was also able to take a couple of over head photos of Eteknix preparing to record a YouTube video where Andy builds a P.C. outside in the snow.