Spotting a New Housing Development in Littlebourne

New houses being built in Littlebourne

It’s amazing what you can see when flying a drone.  Spotting a new housing development in Littlebourne took me by a little surprise.  As I made my usual reveal ascent, I suddenly caught a view of new a new housing estate being build in the middle of the village of Littlebourne in Kent.

To be honest, I shouldn’t of been that surprised.  It seemed that any spare piece of land in the Canterbury area is being used to build new houses on at the moment.  As soon as the land becomes available, housing developers are building houses on it straight away.

Apart from capturing some aerial video of the new builds in Littlebourne, I was also able to have a bit of fun and using the Littlebourne Cricket club wicket as an aerial photo opportunity. I took the DJI Mini 2 up to the maximum flying height of 400 feet and took a birds eyes view of the entire cricket pitch.  I was really happy with the result and I immediately put it onto my Drones Deep instagram account.

Littlebourne Cricket Club

The disappointing aspect about this drone flight around Littlebourne was that I did not get my usual aerial video and photos of the village church.  Every time I visit a Kent village, I really look forward to grabbing some video and photos f the local church.  I think I was too interested in the cricket pitch to remember looking for the Littlebourne village church!

What the Village of Herne Looks Like from a Drone

St Martins Church Herne

This is what the village of Herne looks like from a drone.  Flying a DJI Mini 2 over the Kent village of Herne was a great experience.  Herne is a small village just outside the seaside town of Herne Bay.  You will probably drive though it if you take the Canterbury to Herne Bay route.

I decided to position myself in the large Herne recreation ground called Cherry Orchard playing field as it was more or less in the middle of the village.  I was able to fly in all directions to get as much aerial video of Herne as possible.

Some of the building that I was hoping get aerial footage of was the Herne Windmill.  Unfortunately the sails of this old windmill are not attached so it was difficult to make it stand out in this drone video of Herne.

The Strode Park building was another location that I was keen to grab some footage from the air of.  It is a building that I have driven passed many times on the way to Herne Bay from Canterbury.

St Martins Church Herne
St. Martins Church in Herne. Taken by Drones Deep.

I think my favourite part of the day whilst flying a drone over Herne, was the time I spent flying over St. Martin’s Church.  I always enjoy finding old village churches and getting high above them to get that birds eye view.

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Making a Drone Video Over Sutton Valence

Aerial Photo of Sutton Valence

As a child I spent a lot of time in the village of Sutton Valence, just outside Maidstone. My nan lived in a cul-de-sac called South Bank.  I had intended to make a drone video over Sutton Valence for quite a while, but the weather and time constraints have often stopped me in the past.

Aerial Photo of Sutton Valence

After looking at the weather forecast, I decided to make the 40 minute drive from Aylesham to Sutton Valence to finally get some aerial footage of this picturesque village in Kent.  I have taken some drone footage of the Sutton Valence Castle before with my DJI Mavic Mini 1, but this was the first time I had visited the village armed with my 4K enabled DJI Mini 2.

After I had parked the car in South Bank, Sutton Valence, I began to scout around looking for a suitable location to launch the drone from and maintain VLOS.  Sutton Valence felt a lot more congested that I remembered.  I struggled to find a take off location that would enable me to drone as much of the village as possible, but also to keep VLOS at all times.

Finally, I made the decision to take off from a small green.  I was surrounded by small trees and a few over head telephone wires, but with little wind and clear VLOS I was confident that I would be able to take off and land without getting into any bother.

Once the drone was in the air, I was able to fly the full length of Sutton Valence. As I was located in the middle of the village, I was able to go from one end of the village to the other without loosing sight of the Mini 2 as it flow effortlessly over the Kentish village.

I knew that a simple fly over would not give me enough video footage to create a drone video of Sutton Valance.  So I needed to find another suitable location to be able to get some other interesting angles with the drone.  I already had some experience flying over the Sutton Valence Castle, so I made my way to the 770 year old structure.

In the back of my mind I had planned to use the castle as the opening shot of a Sutton Valence YouTube video. I planned to take off from inside the castle and reveal the village from behind.  After 3-4 attempts I finally got the shot that I was after.  Slightly nervous about the trees beyond, I was still able to take from inside the castle a few yards away from the internal walls and get a great angle of the village of Sutton Valence as the drone moved away from the castle.

I have uploaded a print of the village of Sutton Valence on my Etsy shop page.  You can purchase prints of some of my drone photography from the Drones Deep Etsy Shop.