Flying a DJI Mini 2 Over Chartham, Kent

One of the things I find myself doing more often since becoming more interested in flying a Mini 2 is looking at the weather forecast.  I have found that I am able to spend one a day a week out and about with the Mini 2 so I need to know what day during the week is the best to fly.  Any day with a forecast that shows a sunny day with no or light winds is the perfect day for me.

As soon as I saw that Friday 26th February had the perfect forecast, I planned to spend the whole day getting as mush aerial footage of the Kent village of Chartham as I could.  This meant that I was going to need to use my new in-car charger to charge the DJI Mini 2 batteries.  I find that with just 3 batteries, I only get approximately 60-80 minute real flight time.  I am very cautious with my battery levels and tend to land safely when they get down to 30%.

Recently I have decided to create city/village showreels for my DronesDeep YouTube channel.  So being able to get as mush footage as I can is very important.  Even though I could get over an hour of footage, I might still only end up with 2-3 minutes of usable footage that would be suitable for a YouTube video.  So armed with 3 fully charged batteries, and an in-car charger I set off to Chartham, near Canterbury for the day.

I have used a drone in Chartham before, and I know 3-4 locations that I wanted to film.  Chartham has plenty of open spaces and interesting vantage points that would be ideal to capture aerial from.  I planned to capture both residential and countryside areas of Chartham to give my YouTube video a variety of shots to choose from.

After a full morning of flying the Mini 2 around some for the Chartham countryside, it was time to recharge some batteries ready for the afternoon.  I knew that this would take at least an hour.  So whilst the batteries recharged in the car, I used this time to grab some lunch and…use the facilities.

St Marys Church, Charham
An aerial photo of St. Mary’s Church, Chartham. Taken with DJI Mini 2 drone.

I was relieved to find that the batteries did only take an hour or so to recharge.  I was worried that they would take twice as long being charged in the car.  So I was out and about once again with two fully charged batteries and a great looking church to fly over.  I was hoping to be able to get some aerial footage of the Chartham Downs with the sunset to use as my final shot for the YouTube video, but circumstances changed and I have to dash home unexpectedly.  I was able to return, but I was approximately 20 minutes too late to capture the sunset falling over the Kent village of Chartham.