Fordwich near Canterbury by Drone

Fordwich by drone

I have had the privilege of flying my DJI Mini 2 over Fordwich once before when I was gathering video for a Great Stour aerial video earlier in the year.  But this time I wanted to get more footage of the town itself rather than the Great Stour that runs through it.

I had previously tried on other days to fly my drone over Fordwich, but I could never find anywhere to park. Fordwich was always described as the smallest town in the country due to having a town hall. I’m not 100% sure if is still true or not.

I decided that the best chance of being able to get aerial footage of Fordwich would be to get there early and grab a street parking space before the it got busier in the day.  I was fortunate enough to find a space in Brooklands Close and I headed into the town to find somewhere suitable to take off from.  I turned right after the single lane bridge that crosses the Great Stour.  I found a large open space next to the Great Stour which was perfect to enable me to keep visual line of site on the Mini 2 whilst it flow over the heart of Fordwich.

I was able to gather footage of the leisure boats docked on the side of the Great Stour, by the Fordwich Arms jetty.  I pointed the camera straight down and flow slow and steady of the top of them at approximately 100 metres above.  I got the shot I wanted and moved on to St. Peters Church and the small high street.  I knew that when I got to edit the drone video of Fordwich by Drone, I would need enough footage to justify creating the video at all.  With Fordwich being such a small place I decided to shoot this video using very slow movements and flying the drone as slow as I can.