Reculver Towers – A Drone Enthusiasts Right of Passage

Reculver Towers by Drone

As a drone enthusiastic in the South East of England, part of your right of passage is to visit The Reculver Towers and fill your boots with epic drone photos and videos.  It’s difficult not to take a fantastic drone photo of Reculver Towers.  I’m pretty sure that once you have been there, at least one photo you take will be in your top drone photos of your collection.

Reculver Towers by Drone
Reculver Towers near Herne Bay taken with DJI Mavic Mini 1

With the Reculver Towers being next to the sea with long sweeping views, it is a perfect location to home your drone photography and videography skills.  If you have got over the fear of flying over water, then the views of the towers are spectacular.

The best piece of advice I can give anybody wanting to get some great additions to their drone photo portfolio is to get to the Reculver Towers for a sun rise photo shoot.  If you get the timing just right, you can capture the sun rising though the towers which result in some awesome sun rise drone photography stills.

I have been fortunate enough to fly my DJI Mini 2 around the Reculver Towers numerous times and a few times with a DJI Mavic Mini 1 and a DJI Phantom 2+.  Each time I have flown around the towers I have managed to capture some amazing images and video clips.

If you intend on taking your drone to the Reculver Towers, please bare in mind that you will need to pay a little fee for parking.  It is worth every penny.  You’ll leave Reculver with some outstanding photos to edit once you get home.  They will be perfect for your Drone Instagram account if you have one.

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