Photos of Deal from a Drone

I had a couple of hours to kill whilst visiting Deal in Kent.  This was the perfect opportunity for me to grab some photos of Deal from a drone.  Using my DJI Mini 2 I was particularly interested in getting some great images of the Deal Pier and Deal Castle.  I have spent a morning on Deal beach a few years ago for a sun rise shoot with my DJI Mavic Mini 1 so this was going to be something different.

My confidence in flying over water and flying further away (whilst keeping VLOS) has dramatically increased since my last visit to Deal.  I was very keen on getting an image of the Deal Pier from out to sea.  My only obstacle would be the seagulls that are in abundance on the beach at Deal.  My approach was to take off and get to the maximum height of 120 metres and then fly out to sea to get the image of the pier at Deal that I was aiming for.  Gaining height quickly meant that the seagulls would not bother me and I would be free to manoeuvre the drone to capture the photo I wanted below.

Aerial view of Deal Pier

Getting the photo of Deal Castle was a bit of an after thought to be honest.  I was flying the Mini 2 over the waves on Deal beach. As I was flying, I noticed that I was closer to the castle than I thought.  I also noticed that there was a distinct lack of seagulls in the area too.  I took this seagull free opportunity to get an over head view of the castle at Deal.  I wanted to get the over head shot without any sign of the roads or buildings that surround it.  The only way I was going to do this was to give the image a dark vignette.  I was very happy with the result of this the image of the castle (below).

Deal Castle birds eye view

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