Hambrook Marshes Willow Beds in Canterbury

I received a message via my Drones Deep Facebook page from a guy who asked if I would be able to take some aerial photos of some willow beds on Hambrook Marshes in Canterbury.  Hambrook Marshes is located in Canterbury in Kent.  Hambrook Marshes have become a popular location for walkers and joggers using the Great Stour Walk that runs from Canterbury to Canterbury.

The willow beds are located at the Thanington end of the marshes and has a small footpath running passed.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what willow beds were.  It was explained to me that they are grown and harvested to make craft and weaved baskets with.

I was more than happy to provide some aerial photos which would help to see how much willow has been growing and developing.  It also gave me that chance to make a new YouTube video and take more photos of the Hambrook Marshes.

The part of Hambrook Marshes that I was going to be filming with my DJI Mini 2 was in between the A2 the Canterbury East railway tracks.  So being a responsible drone pilot, I was not going to be flying over the A2 dual carriage way or the main Canterbury East train tracks.  There was still plenty of great scenery to film with a drone.

Hambrook Marshe Maze
Hambrook Marshes Maze from Drones Deep Instagram page

I have developed a love for filming with the camera shooting straight down.  This gives the perfect birds eye view.  I found a small stream that I enjoyed filming in the birds eye view mode.  It gives me the perfect opportunity to practise precise flying.  Keeping the drone flying slowly, and not having to keep making direction adjustments was a lot of fun whilst flying over the stream.

Also, in the middle of the Hambrook Marshes was a willow maze, actually made using the willow plants that I had photographed.  It made a great object to take some birds eye view photos and videos of it.

I hovered the drone a few feet above the maze than flow it straight up.  I was very happy withe the final photo and video clip.Once I got home I sent the photos and video clips to the willow bed keeper who was very happy with the final results.

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