First Impressions of the DJI Mini 2

After being so impressed by the flight capabilities of the DJI Mavic Mini 1, I took the plunge and bought a DJI Mini 2 as soon as I found out that it shot 4K video and took RAW format photos.

It’s not that I dislike the new carry bag, bit I much preferred the Mini 1 holder. It felt a lot more rugged and compact. I feel like the Mini 2 bag has too much room in for things to move about. I’ve using my gloves to pad it out a little more.

I also liked to use the mini 1 carry case as a take off platform. In a muddy field, the mini 1 case was perfect to launch the Mini 1 from. I can’t do that with the Mini 2 bag.

However, let’s look at the good points. I like the shoulder strap. It does make it easier to carry on a cold day with your hands in your pockets. It does also enable to keep in on your shoulder rather than leaving the case on the floor.

After weighing up the pros and cons, I would have liked to of been able make use of the Mini 1 case, but the new Mini 2 controller is far too big to fit in the Mini 1 case.

I like the new controller. It does feel a lot stronger and less plasticky than the Mini 1 controller. The flight type switch (Cine, Normal, Sports modes) is a nice touch but I feel it’s rather pointless. There was nothing wrong with the flight selection on the DJI Fly app.

The phone holder is slightly easier to use that the Mini 1 phone holder having it at the top rather than underneath the control sticks. It does feel more natural to have the phone on the top. This might be because I was used to having it in that position for 5-6 years flying the Phantom Vision 2+.

Flying the Mini 2 in high wind was reassuring. My first flight with the Mini 2 was in the strongest wind that I think I have ever flown in. But I was in a very large open field and very very confident that I would not be crashing into anything.

That being said, I did not want to fly too high knowing that the wind could be a lot stronger the higher I flow it. I stayed below 50 ft and took a few minutes of 4K footage and some JPG + RAW photos to look at when I got home.

As I have said it was very windy, so I feel as though trying to compare the Mini 2 against the Mini 1 in terms of flying capabilities would not be appropriate. I personally only purchased the Mini 2 to have the 4K capabilities and the ability to take photos in RAW format. I’m fairly confident that the Mini 2 will be very similar if not better when it comes to flight capabilities so I’m not too worried about that.

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