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I have now decided to get as much drone footage as I possibly can online if the hope of selling it as stock footage.  After experimenting with uploading stock footage manually to Adobe Stock and Shutterstock, I have now decided that it actually DOES take too much of my time.

Blackbox Global Curator Advice

So I have settled on the idea of just getting out and about with my DJI Mini 2 and getting my footage edited and uploaded by a curator.  This means that I will be taking a hit in the pocket by giving away 40% of my earnings, but if it means I get more sales, then I’m sure this is the right path for me.

Finding a good curator was very important for me.  The last thing I wanted was to put my drone videos in the hands of somebody who will waste my footage.  I put a post on the Blackbox Global Facebook group asking for curators to put themselves forward as my full-time curator.  I wanted to find somebody who I could confidently hand over my 4K drone footage and do the rest for me.

I posted a selection of my drone clips with my post so prospective curators can decide whether they would be interested in editing and adding the relevant mega information on Blackbox.  To be honest, I was overwhelmed by the response.  I was flooded with offers to be my curator.

I filtered out some of the guys who could not speak English very well.  I wanted an English speaking curator who would understand the British landscape and title my clips using good structured English.

I eventually settled on a guy who took his time to carefully and precisely explain how his procedure worked.  He also had some YouTube videos showcasing his work that clinched the deal.

I have already sent him some of my drone footage and I am very happy with the way he has titled, tagged and edited the footage so far.  I am very much looking forward to building a partnership with my new Blackbox stock footage curator.

Here are my tips for finding a good Blackbox stock video footage curator:

  • Post on Facebook with samples of your work.
  • Take time to talk to prospective curators.
  • Make sure you agree on a percentage of earnings early on.
  • Try and build a partnership and listen to advice given.

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