Drone Problems for Beginners – The Weather

I’ve had a few messages come through to me via my Drones Deep Instagram account from people asking what the negative aspects of flying a drone are.  They look at my Instagram drone photos and stories and want to invest in a drone but they want to make sure they know what they are letting themselves in for.


When I need to be brutally honest about the problems of owning and flying a drone, the first thing I tell them is about the weather.  Especially if they are living in the UK.  The weather here is inconsistent and even in the Summer there are plenty of days wasted because of the weather.  Flying a drone in high winds is not advisable.  Different drone pilots have different views about what the strongest wind speeds they are happy to fly in.  With a DJI Mini 2 it’s even more important to take the wind speed into consideration because it is so light.  At less than 250 grams, the little Mini 2 can easily struggle against the wind.

Obviously it is not very wise to fly a drone in the rain either.  Getting any moisture on the motors will result in damage and malfunction.  So you can see why I make sure prospective drone owners are aware that it’s not a hobby that you can do everyday.  Looking out of the window right now in July, it is overcast and windy.  Looking at the weather forecast for the next few days, there is little chance that I will be taking to the skies at all.

During the winter months, it is also advisable not to fly a drone in sub-zero temperatures.  Ice can form on the rotor blades causing them to become too heavy and can cause the drone to be uncontrollable.

BUT after all the negative’s about the weather, the days when the weather is calm, flying a drone is the best hobby I have ever had.  Being able to combine photography, videography, video editing with being outside flying a drone can be so relaxing.  Standing in the middle of a field with the clear blue skies, watching the rolling countryside appear on the view finder of the drone is somewhat therapeutic in my opinion.

So if you are looking to buy a drone, but you’re just wanting to make sure you are making a worthwhile investment, just be aware that the weather can be one of the main drone problems for beginners.

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