Alternative Drone HashTags for Instagram

If you are struggling to get likes in Instagram to your  drone photos, using conventional hashtags, then maybe it’s worth trying these alternative drone hashtags.

Drone Hashtags

I have had relative success getting my aerial photos liked on Instagram using drone hashtags that do not have a huge amount of daily use.  Maybe you will have better success using this list for your drone Instagram account.

#rotorblades #dronepower #droneinthesky #droneinterest #interestingdrones #mydrone #dronehobby #droneuser #droneman #droneperson #droneoutdoors #droneme #dronededication #dronesdeep #dronebeginner #droneexpert #dronefingers

Good luck using these hashtags from drone photos.  I know how difficult it is these days to gather a good enough following on Instagram.  Here’s my DronesDeep account

I do my best to follow you back if you are a drone Instagrammer.

BlackBox Global Simple Hints and Tips

Slowly but surely, I have been making regular sales on BlackBox Global.  The platform to upload your stock footage videos too, in the hope of making some cash.

There are plenty of great pages on other web sites that I have seen, soI would like to contribute to that with my own BlackBox advice page.  My BlackBox hints and tips are primarily directed at drone stick video artists.

  1. Above all make sure your footage is stable.  There is little point in uploading clips of drone stock footage that shows your flight corrections.  Keep your clips traveling in one direction.
  2. Make sure your videos are exposed correctly.  I have seen some great looking location videos that are over exposed and I need sunglasses to view them.  I recommend capturing your footage slightly under-exposed to reduce the worry of over exposure.
  3. Make use of all the characters with giving your clips titles.  i.e. if you have a great drone clip of a church, don’t just title it “A Church”, give it a more descriptive title such as “A medieval church located in the countryside in 4K”.
  4. I would also recommend explaining the camera direction in the title too.  Such as ‘dolly forward’, ‘pan left or right’, etc etc.
  5. Another piece of time saving advice on BlackBox is when you export your video from you video editing software, keep the filename the same as the title of the clip.  This way you can copy and paste your file name into your title of the clip.
  6. Keep uploading.  I have nearly 1000 clips on my BlackBox account now.  I try and get drone footage of anything I can think of.  You never know what people are going to be searching for.

There you go, that is my small contribution to helping people generate a little bit of extra income using drone stock footage and BlackBox Global.  When I upload my clips, I take a quick look at them and ask myself, “Would I buy this clip?”

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Promoting BlackBox Video Clips on YouTube

With nearly 1000 video clips. on my BlackBox Global account, I want to try and promote my clips via youTube.  YouTube, after all is the second most popular search engine behind Google, so I wan to try and maximise YouTube’s audience.

The problem is that it is difficult to find your own BlackBox video clips online.  Once they are submitted to Blackbox, there is no easy way of knowing which stock video web site have approved your clips.  BlackBox might state that your videos are online, but where, is another matter.

It was for this reason that I decided to try and use Pond5 and become an exclusive stock video artist with them.  That way I would be easily be able to direct youTube viewers from my stock video promo video directly to the online clips with the option to actually buy them.

But just having my clips on one stock video outlet doesn’t make sense.  Surely I need to get my clips on as many sites as possible but without wasting too much time doing it.  So deciding to go back to BlackBox has made it more difficult for me to promote my clips on youTube.

Promoting BlackBox Video Theory Method

The only way I can think of doing this is to wait until my clips have an ‘online’ status on BlackBox and then wait a few days before searching for them via Google using the unique clip title.  I do these when I make a sale via Blackbox.  When I get the ‘you’ve made a sale’ email I find out which clip was sold and then search for that title online.  My most recent sold clips have been via Shutterstock.

So, my theory is that after a few days of my clips being online with BlackBox, they should be easy to search for and find on Shutterstock.  This way, I can copy the URL of the clip on Shutterstock and include it in the description of the YouTube promotional video.

I will need to create a YouTube video of my stock video collections and impose a number to each video that corresponds with the clip number in the video description on YouTube.  It does sound like a long winded way of doing things, but I’m happy to give it a go for a few months.  Obviously the main drawback personally is that my stock video clips o Shutterstock will all be under the BlackBoxGlobal account and not DronesDeep.  But if it brings in extra revenue, I’m happy to forego that aspect.

I have set up a new YouTube account to try and promote my drone stock videos.  It is a devoted drone stock video YouTube promotion channel, with the hope that people searching for drone stock videos will find it.

Stock Footage of Canterbury Cathedral and Riverside Student Quarter

On 15th October, 2021, I stood in the empty Kingsmead coach park in Canterbury and took some 4K drone shots of the Canterbury Cathedral and the Riverside Student Quarter construction site.

Download these stock video clips of Canterbury Cathedral and Riverside Student Quarter.  Canterbury Cathedral Videos || Riverside Student Quarter 

Ever since I bought my very 1st drone I have always wanted to get that perfect shot of the Canterbury Cathedral World heritage site.  With my previous drones, it was not legal for me to be able to fly over buildings so getting close to the Cathedral in the city centre was not permitted.  But now with the Mini 2 it is possible to get much closer than before.

The only problem now it finding somewhere legal to take off and land from to get that perfect photo of the majestic and iconic religious building in the heart of Canterbury.  Once I had gathered some 4K aerial stock footage of the Cathedral, I turned my attention to the Riverside Student Quarter construction site.  I think that there might be some interest in the future for seeing this new student housing and leisure facility in Canterbury being built.

Abandoned Coal Mine Drone Stock Footage Download

This is new stock drone footage of the Snowdown abandoned coal mine in Kent.  If you are looking for stock videos of derelict or abandoned places, then this aerial footage of British a coal mine would be ideal.


This British coal mine was shut down in 1987 under the Thatcher regime. It is situated in a small Kent village of Snowdown near Aylesham.  In this Pond5 collection of drone shots there are some good examples of reveal shots.  Climbing from behind a tree line, the drone is piloted over the top to reveal the mine in a crane type camera shot.

There are also plenty of dolly forward, dolly back and tracking shots that make this collection of videos of Snowdown Colliery very appealing to anybody creating videos about climate change and how British coal mining declined during the 1980’s

These 4K aerial drone shots of a closed coal mine are taken using a DJI Mini 2.  The date of the flight was October 13th, 2021.

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Download Stock Drone Videos of Southeastern Trains

Stock video footage of Southeastern trains passing over a viaduct in Canterbury, Kent.  These 4K video clips were taken using a 4K drone camera.


Drone footage from Hambrook Marshes railway viaduct taken on October 8th, 2021.  It shows a section of railway that crossed a brick build viaduct that crosses the Great Stour river.

These 4K drone videos show Southeastern trains arriving and departing the Canterbury East train station.  This type of drone stock video would be good to use in any travel documentary or information about Canterbury.

There is no audio with these aerial shots of Southeastern trains passing over a viaduct in Canterbury, Kent.

20 Royalty Free Stock Drone Videos of Trees

This is the second batch of royalty free stock drone videos that I am giving away.  The previous 21 free videos of waves were a hit with both search engines and video creators alike.

This time I have put together a collection of 20 stock 4K drone videos of trees.  This collection consists of tall trees, small trees, dead trees, deforestation, and ever greens.  Preview the free drone stock tree video clips here.

Here are the links to the 20 royalty free drone stock videos of trees.  (These clips are approximately 179mb)

Free 4K Tree Clip 01 || Free 4K Tree Clip 02 || Free 4K Tree Clip 03 || Free 4K Tree Clip 04 || Free 4K Tree Clip 05 || Free 4K Tree Clip 06 || Free 4K Tree Clip 07 || Free 4K Tree Clip 08 || Free 4K Tree Clip 09 || Free 4K Tree Clip 10 || Free 4K Tree Clip 11 || Free 4K Tree Clip 12 || Free 4K Tree Clip 13 || Free 4K Tree Clip 14 || Free 4K Tree Clip 15 || Free 4K Tree Clip 16 || Free 4K Tree Clip 17 || Free 4K Tree Clip 18 || Free 4K Tree Clip 19 || Free 4K Tree Clip 20 || Follow the Drones Deep Instagram Page.

Download 21 free stock drone videos of waves.

21 Free 4K Stock Drone Footage Videos of Waves

You may of found my 21 Free 4K stock video clips of waves on my YouTube stock drone footage channel.  This is where you are able to download each clip individually from my Google Drive.

Here is the list of 4K wave video clips that are free to download:

4K Waves Clip #01 || 4K Waves Clip #02 || 4K Waves Clip #03 || 4K Waves Clip #04 || 4K Waves Clip #05 || 4K Waves Clip #06 || 4K Waves Clip #07 || 4K Waves Clip #08 || 4K Waves Clip #09 || 4K Waves Clip #10 || 4K Waves Clip #11 || 4K Waves Clip #12 || 4K Waves Clip #13 || 4K Waves Clip #14 || 4K Waves Clip #15 || 4K Waves Clip #16 || 4K Waves Clip #17 || 4K Waves Clip #18 || 4K Waves Clip #19 || 4K Waves Clip #20 || 4K Waves Clip #21 || Follow Me on Instagram @DronesDeep

You can also find me on my stock drone footage Facebook page too.

Selling my First Photo Print on Etsy

It took a while, but on 27th March 2021, I made my first sale of a drone photo print on my DronesDeep Etsy shop.  I was slightly surprised by the photo that was sold.  It was a drone photo of Deal beach taken with my DJI Mavic Mini 1.

The photo was bought by somebody who used to take holidays in Deal during their childhood.  They said that they were delighted to find the photo that I took, on an early February morning.  I was in Deal to take photos of the sunrising behind the Deal pier but I took a couple of shots of the sun lighting up the beach and surrounding hotels and shops.

I have since sold a photo of the Deal pier taken on the same day.  I really need to spend more time promoting and adding new aerial photos to my shop.  I don’t make a lot of money per sale, but it is nice to have customers saying nice things about the photos and my communication.

Personally, I think the white buildings are over exposed in this shot.  This photo was taken using a DJI Mini 1 that did not have the capability to take photos in RAW format, so I had to do the best using the JPG files.

Making My First Drone Stock Footage Sale Via Blackbox

Being able to sell drone stock video footage via the Blackbox Global web site is a neat way of earning some extra cash.  In an ideal world I would love to be able to travel the world with my drone and gather as much drone stock footage as possible and actually earn a living out of it.

However, in the real world with bills to pay and mouths to feed, being able to travel around the world with a DJI Mini 2 is just not possible.  However, I am delighted to say that it is still possible to generate drone footage sales without having to be globe trotter.

This photo of my first drone stock footage video sale is for display purposes only.

I made my first drone stock footage sale via Blackbox Global back in May 2021.  The footage was of the Great Stour running through the Westgate Gardens in Canterbury.  I believe I was flying at a height of 118 metres in that shot.  I’m actually surprised this clip sold at all.  Looking back at it now the sky is over exposed.

It is extremely satisfying to receive money from footage that I have shot in the past.  It’s footage that would be left on a hard drive some where gathering dust.  Now, it is online at various stock video web sites for other people to buy and use.

To date, all of the footage that I have made money from by using BlackBox has been footage that I have edited, uploaded, labelled and tagged myself.  This means that I have not had to share any of the revenue with a curator.  The money I have earned so far this year with Blackbox has not enabled me to give up my day job, but I believe that the more I upload, the more chances I have of making sales.

I am always surprised to see which drone stock video that I’ve uploaded actually creates a sale.  I’ve sold drone clips of everything from The River Stour running through Plucks Gutter, to flying very low over some orchard trees in Chartham.  So it just goes to show that anything can sell as long as it is a good quality clip.