DJI Mini 3 Rumours are Just Plain Boring Already

DJI Mini 3 Rumours

I’m already tired of the feature rumours surrounding a pending release of the DJI Mini 3.  It really gets under my skin when I see Drone YouTubers bringing out Mini 3 rumours to boost their viewing figures.

DJI Mini 3 Rumours

I actually feel embarrassed for some of these guys.  I’m not going to name the channels that are most guilty for doing this.  I wouldn’t want to give them the attention they are craving.  But you probably know the types.  Middle aged men who are trying to remain relevant by trying to get famous via YouTube, it’s pathetic.

Some of this rant is born from the fact that I have actually fallen for some of the click-bait YouTube thumbnails that already doing the rounds on social media.  Some of the titles for these MINI 3 (SE) drone rumours are so mis-leading, I feel the need to just get this all off my chest.  I would have thought that some of these drone channels would respect the droning community a little more.  I think that placing click bait YouTube links to their made up rumours is blatantly rude and disrespectful.

I would love to be able to make an exclusive DJI 3 Mini YouTube video and announce to the world just what we can expect DJI to add to the Mini sub 250 gram drone range.  But I am not going to lower myself to those standards.  I know full well that if I released a YouTube drone video called “MINI 3 Features Leaked”, and then waffle on about non-related dribble, I would get kicked off most drone Facebook pages.

The worst video I saw doing this was a guy claiming to have leak images of the upcoming Mini 3.  But the image he displayed on the video was a terribly grainy photo of a metal plate that could have been absolutely anything.  He then went on to talk about himself and his other YouTube videos.  That’s my rant over…

What would I like to see from a DJI Mini 3 drone?

I’m find it difficult to think of something that could be added that would improve the MINI 2 without going over the 250 gram limit.  I have heard people crying out for obstacle avoidance sensors, but surely adding those would increase the weight.  A good drone pilot would not need obstacle avoidance sensors, but I can see the attraction if you are a beginner.

I’m more interested in the speed of setting up my drone to fly.  If that could be improved some how, that would be great.  I do get frustrated at times by the length of time it takes to get the MINI 2 up in the air once I have arrived at location.  It’s nothing that major really, it’s not the end of the world.  Being able to use a Mini 3 without the need of a separate cell phone would be a nice touch.  A smart controller would be a game changer for me.

I’m not really interested in quick shots or obstacle tracking either.  I would much rather feel the satisfaction of getting a great drone shot through my own skill than rely on automatic software that basically flies the drone for you.  I can literally hold my hand on my heart and say that I have never used a quick shot in my droning life!

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