Aerial Photos of Saxon Fields Housing Development in Canterbury

I was contacted by the local newspaper who want to use some of the drone photos that I took of Saxon Fields housing development in Canterbury.  They said that they would be happy to credit me in the article.  I asked them if they could credit my Instagram account rather than using my real name.  I’m was hoping that now that the news article is published, I will gain some more drone instagram followers.

Saxon Fields Canterbury Housing

The photos they used were taken using a DJI Mini 2 on a blustery August afternoon.  I drive past this new housing development on a daily basis and have been meaning to take some photos of the building work for quite a while.

It’s great to see my photos being used by the local newspaper.  My only disappointment is that they have not actually created a clickable link to my DronesDeep Instagram account.  They have simple added “Picture: dronesdeep, Instagram”.  I suppose that is better than nothing I suppose.

I did offer to supply them with additional video footage that I took at the same time, but so far they have not taken me up on the offer.  I’ll be revisiting this housing development from time to time to record the progress of the Saxon Fields Housing Development in Canterbury.

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